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The war~Legolas lovestory

10 nov 2013 - 0:03




chapter 2: in a blink of an eye

Hope you'll like it

The sun rose in the east but the warriors and Amy were already on the move. They were on their way to Gondor, there they would set up camp again. In a blink of an eye the calm walk changed, “Wooshh” arrows flew right at them. The elves are very skilled you could notice that Immediately, defence and attacking positions were direct in action. Goblins and orcs came running at them, with many they were. Amy couldn’t blow her cover now, she waited and when she thought help was really needed she would come out. Her eyes and mouth fell open at the moment Legolas jumped of his horse. One, two, three, five, every enemy that came close to him had to pay the prize. “What? I never saw him training. How did he became so good?”, she thought. Not one goblin or orc survived, but we lost 15 elves. ‘I notice this won’t be the only hold up we will get, but we fought good.’ Legolas said to his fellow fighters. After that they burned the orcs and goblins and moved on. Returned to their path to Gondor they sang a song for those who didn’t make it. Legolas surprised of the sudden attack but didn’t let anyone see it, he was their leader, he needed to stay strong and show the example. He also wonderd why “that girl” didn’t help. He doesn’t know her name but he is sure he saw her before back in our kingdom.

It became colder as the night struck in but at last they arrived at Gondor. The men were tired and King Aragorn(friend of Legolas) invited them inside and gave them shelter. Of Amy only Legolas knew and he knew she didn’t wanted to be seen. Legolas brought a blanket to the gate and putted it there together with some food. “Okay, now I’m sure he knows I’m here. Why doesn’t he tell anyone and send me back?! ‘Cause I’m a girl after all!!” she really didn’t like him, she always said that the prince was a spoiled brat. “I don’t need his help, he better help himself he’ll need it!” Not much later she fell asleep into a nightmare.

All sweaty she woke up, “wow, that wasn’t a pleasant night…”. She took out her cloak and decided to get some food inside of Gondor. “If I just hide my ears they probably won’t even notice it.” She comforted herself. She walked in with many fear but after walking around in Gondor for a while she still wasn’t discovered. She did her cloak of and made sure her ears were hidden behind her hair. With the little money she had with her she couldn’t buy many but enough to fill her needs.
The rest of the time she wanted to explore this “city of men”, it’s the first time she is outside her kingdom. Over enthusiastic she looked at everything until she ran into someone. ‘Auwtch that hurts!’ she looked up right in the face of Legolas, her face changed from painful to angry. ‘I’m sorry what’s your name?’ Legolas asked politely. ‘None of your business!’ And of she was back to the forest that edged to Gondor.


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