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Come and walk with me to the edge of all we've ever known. I can see you there with the city lights, fourteenth floor, pale blue eyes. I can breathe you in.


So if you know or ever knew how to be happy: on a scale from one to two now, are you happy? Youíre everything you hated, are you happy? Hey, look Ma, I made it, are you happy?


Hi girl, you just caught my eye; thought I should give it try and get your name and your number; go grab some lunch and eat some cucumbers.


I must be psychotic, I must be demented to think that I'm worthy of all this attention.


Lying here with all my thoughts inside this empty bed, wishing for an empty head to think things through. I know that it gets hard when you canít pray away this ache, but I believe with all my heart the sun will rise. I miss you, but I canít find you in my dreams, where I would take you when they break you and life shakes you to your knees. The stars may not align, but Iíll still shine for you.
Another day, another empty pill to take the pain, another enemy created to take the blame. Iíve seen many tears that fell because of what Iíve done, and now I wish we could restart what weíve become. And even though youíll have to fight for every hour, every day, I swear to you, you and me will never fear the end of what weíve made. The stars may not align, but Iíll still shine for you.


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Rebella zei op 12 juli 2017 - 17:53:
Hoera hoera!
Hoofdstuk 23!!!
Oké mijn enthousiasme is voor de inhoud niet echt... geschikt, maar het was lastig deze te schrijven. Zodoende mijn blijdschap!

Rebella zei op 9 juli 2017 - 21:44:
Here, and no further is het 22e hoofdstuk alweer!

Rebella zei op 6 juli 2017 - 23:20:
Hoi hoi,
Het duurde even, maar er is een nieuw hoofdstuk van Nayla!
Hoofdstuk 21: Restoration Fials.


Rebella zei op 3 juli 2017 - 13:49:
Hoofdstuk 20 is online!

Rebella zei op 1 juli 2017 - 22:05:
Hoera, je bent bij! Vanaf nu krijg je ook bericht als er een nieuw hoofdstuk is! Helaas loop ik nu even vast, maar wellicht heb ik morgen er wel weer eentje!

'Gelukkig' heb ik wel dit voor je: een one-shot

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