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Chantal Clifford HemmingsIrwinHood Michaels Kitten

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With 5 Seconds Of Summer


alles wat te maken heeft met muziek luisteren en fangirlen over 5 seconds of summer<3

Kort iets over ChantiXAMX:

I'm just a girl that fangirls sometimes to much and I don't give a goddamn fuck about it

Michael G. Clifford
I Actually Don't Like Calling You Guys Fans Because You're Like Family I Never Had
Let's Play Titanic. You Be Ice Berg And I'll Go Down.
Don't Do Drugs. Unless You Like Them.
Here's A Cup Of CALM The Fuck Down
If People Are Trying To Bring you Down It Only Means You're Above Them
Dream Big, Don't You Be Affraid.
Dream Big, You Will Find Your Way
You're A Star In The Making
You Can Have It All If You Dare To Try
Wearing pink underwear. Today is going to be fabulous
The best advice you can be given is 'stop being so shit
For my birthday, I want everyone to grab someone elseís butt
Never look down on anybody unless youíre helping them up
Iím pringle. Thatís kinda like single but hungry

07-07-1994-Ashton Fletcher Irwin Was Born
20-11-1995-Michael Gordon Clifford Was Born
25-01-1996-Calum Thomas Hood Was Born
16-07-1996-Luke Robert Hemmings Was Born
25-11-1999-I WAS BORN
03-12-2011-5 Seconds Of Summer
23-05-2014-Started On FanFic
27-06-2014-Cody Simspon Concert Eindhoven Effenaar
27-06-2014- 5 Seconds Of Summer
15-12-2014- Livesos
20-05-2015- 5 Seconds Of Summer ROWYSO Tour Amsterdam ZiggoDome With My Sister!!! WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!
05-09-2015-5SOS Fan Meet Up Eindhoven
10-10-2015-Second 5SOS FanMeeting with Melina, Rose, Sas, Zoë en Quirine
18-10-2015-Fanmeeting 5SOS Utrecht With Mel And With The 5SOSFAM
23-10-2015-Sounds Good Feels Good
20-11-2015-How Did We End Up Here?
29-11-2015-Hey Violet FanMeeting Utrecht With Mel And Other Awesome People
18-12-2015-Hitkrant XXL Xmas Party
>20-02-2016-Sleeping WitH Sirens Madness tour Melkweg Amsterdam
>21-05-2016-5 Seconds Of Summer Sounds Live Feels Live Tour Ziggo Dome Amsterdam met Melina
>22-05-2016-5 Seconds Of Summer Sounds Live Feels Live Tour Ziggo Dome Amsterdam met Sister

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Lost It All- Michael Clifford AF (28 nov 2015 - 22:17)
Door: ChantiXAMX
Categorie: 5 Seconds Of Summer
Aantal woorden: 8521
Aantal hoofdstukken: 16
When We Met-Calum Hood (15 nov 2015 - 10:39)
Door: ChantiXAMX
Categorie: 5 Seconds Of Summer
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Door: ChantiXAMX
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Door: ChantiXAMX
Categorie: 5 Seconds Of Summer
Aantal woorden: 31185
Aantal hoofdstukken: 32
The New Broken Scene (24 okt 2015 - 14:33)
Door: ChantiXAMX
Categorie: 5 Seconds Of Summer
Aantal woorden: 136
Aantal hoofdstukken: 3

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Cynthia zei op 3 nov 2016 - 23:19:
Hey Hey<3
Ik ben eindelijk weer actief geworden and i was wondering
Hoe is het met jou?

1Dzayn zei op 28 sep 2016 - 18:36:

Je hebt meegelezen met mijn laatste verhaal en dus zou ik je graag willen vertellen dat ik een nieuw verhaal heb gepost! Het heet it's the night where miracles happen en het is geschreven voor de zomer fic-exchange. Lees je mee?


sandra5sos1D zei op 26 feb 2016 - 14:34:
hee er is een nieuw hoofdstuk van "Huh" xx <e

sandra5sos1D zei op 25 feb 2016 - 23:08:
heey. er is na een hele lange tijd weer een FF <3 ~xx~

FeyzaHood zei op 11 jan 2016 - 19:31:

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